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It is a trend we have been seeing for many years now. The quality of treatment we carry out has greatly satisfied our patients. We provide the best in dental treatments available anywhere else in the world, and that too at a cost advantage to the patient. Patients pay a lot less and still get the best care.

India is a great tourist destination with its cultural diversity and history. There is a lot to experience here in India. Combine that with getting a beautiful smile, and the cost of all of it still less that what you would have paid for a visit to the dentist in some countries.

We have officially been appointed Dentists for the Commonwealth Youth Games, in Pune

We in our practice use modern systems such that we could give you a fixed implant tooth in a day ! Which are totally reliable and would last you a life time. We can still achieve a lot even in short trips.

The cost of getting the appliance fixed in some countries is very high. We can fix the latest technology appliance here which would have been expensive to afford otherwise.

If you have a lot of dental work, i.e. restorations , crowns, root canal therapy, dentures. Etc. We can provide you with the cost differential over an email consultation to help you make the choice.

If you require a lot of dental work including implants, crowns ,restoration the cost of the treatment here along with all other expenses would still be lesser than what you would pay there.

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