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Inspire ICE, the latest in aesthetic labial fixed orthodontics from , Ormco, USA.


Orthodontics is the specialty branch in dentistry that deals with correcting the malocclusion caused due to variation in teeth position. Some individuals have teeth that may not allow them to eat and clean their teeth well, at times it may also be of aesthetic concern, with the help of orthodontic treatment one can regain normal function and aesthetics.

There are a variety of treatment options available depending on the severity of the case and patients choice.

ˇ Correction of crowded placement of teeth

ˇ Correction of forwardly placed upper and lower front teeth

ˇ Correction of spacing present between teeth

ˇ Correction of upper and lower jaw size discrepancy

ˇ Correction of malocclusion related problems

Lingual Orthodontics, these brackets are places on the inner surface of the teeth.


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