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Nanda Dental Care

Equipments & Quality control methods

Nanda Dental care has always prided it self on the latest equipments installed and quality control methods used to ensure we give our very best to our patients. The following information is to give a brief introduction to the health and safety protocol we follow at our clinic.

Sterilization of instruments

Instruments are first washed cleaned and disinfected, then put in their respective pouches and put into an autoclave, (steam under pressure) for the stipulated time.

Disinfection of operating equipments and spaces

Each of our rooms are specially designed to offer a clean environment. Ultra violet lamps are used to disinfect the area during off hours. Surface disinfectants are also used.

X Ray equipments

We have installed the latest and the best in dental radiography. A Satellac Digital X-ray machine , ensures minimum exposure. We also have an in house O.P.G.

Dental Materials Used

The quality of dental materials used is an important aspect concerning effective and long lasting treatments. We constantly keep our selves up to date with the latest.

Surgical materials

Types of Implants, instruments, equipments .etc used in our surgical procedures are sterilized and inspected before and after every procedure to ensure they perform a 100%


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

-British Standards Institute